2020 AGM Treasurers report by Mark Watson-Lee

 I took on the role of MDC Treasurer from October 1st 2019.

Clearly this year has been an extraordinary period in that all of our plans have had to be cancelled from the start of the Pandemic lockdown, so little income but also little expenditure.

One change I have made is that I have moved the Club’s bank accounts to be accessed on-line. Previously they were paper based (ie. Cheque book / paying in books / posted statements etc.).

I use a database to attempt to allocate every payment or receipt listed in the bank statement to a show or event.

I now only pay bills via Bank Transfer – the advantage for the recipient is they get the money immediately, and I have a clear record of expenditures in the Bank statement.

Where possible we would like member subscriptions and ticket costs to be paid by Bank transfer, however if this is not possible cheques and cash can be accepted and Sue will pay these into the bank as before.

We will try to organize a credit card reader for future shows as cash is disappearing fast!

I have created a summary of the financial statement – click here to view – however please note:-

  • The bank balances at the start and end of the year are accurate.
  • However the costs for each show/event is a best estimate, because
    • Some paying in slips / cheques in the past have not had enough detail to indentify exactly the show/event it is for.
    • Some expenses may be for multiple shows - how much do you allocate for each?
    • Some of each Membership fee should go to ticket costs, and some to club administration.
    • Some bills / membership fees often arrive in one financial year but refer to a different financial year.