Dead Ringer


26th October 2012


Marlborough Dramatic Club


Brentwood School

Type of Production


Musical Director

Patricia Staley


Author: Tessa Davies

I always enjoy Marlborough’s plays as their attention to detail is unsurpassable.   This play is very challenging for the lead actor as he has to play two distinct characters throughout.  Vernon Keeble-Watson achieved this with great style and subtle body language changes.

He was very ably supported by a strong cast all of whom deserve a mention for their excellent performances.  Elliot Porte (Dick Marr) and Lindsey Crutchett (Frances Cowdray) made an excellent partnership and Martin Reynolds (Ray Turnbull) displayed all the tendencies one would expect from an ambitious (and devious) politician.   Alan Thorley (Nigel Haywood) Margaret Corry (Eva Bolton) and Harry Morrison (Colonel Hardacre) all kept the plot moving on nicely.

Talking of the plot, this one had so many twists and turns I was almost dizzy and the final denoument was completely unexpected, even to my companion who is generally a bit of a wiz with Murder Mysteries.  The script is well written, and the society does have a skill in choosing excellent scripts to work with.  However even the best script needs to be worked and Director Patricia Staley really achieved a great production.

The set was magnificent and the attention to detail I mentioned earlier was in evidence here was well.  Yes I noticed the different wallpaper and picture in the corridor behind the door.  Many societies would have been content with a black curtain but Marlborough does things properly and it is a joy to see.

As this play is set in modern times the costumes were probably easier to source than a period play but they were all excellent and appropriate to the situation.

Once again Marlborough Dramatic Club have lived up to our expectations and produced a really good evening’s entertainment.  Well done and thank you.