Here are a few pictures from our recent rehearsals and visits to the theatre to check out where we will be performing 'Visiting Hour' (11-13 April 2024 - at Brentwood School Memorial Hall), and a few backstage as the cast wait in the wings! Our characters are starting to shine through...!

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Eileen - who never outstays her welcome!

 Eileen 01

Hazel - dishing out sweets left right and centre - as long as you’ve got your own teeth!
Hazel 01
Mr Darbon, who needs a quadruple transplant but thinks the surgeon is probably more concerned about looking good on TV than helping him. However he remains philosophical and closes our show with an ‘Oh well, that’s Showbusiness!’
Mr Darbon 01
Pauline - she’s been through an awful lot
Pauline 02
Ronald - the man who might’ve been Scotland’s answer to Des O’Connor
Ron 01
Trish and Cheryl - they’ve had their shared experience becoming friends on the ward
Tricia Cheryl 01
Come see us during our ‘Visiting Hour’ - you’ll meet May who’s ‘internal as well’ being visited by her husband Arthur who has some opinions about public transport:  

 Arthur 01

May 01

That looks like it hurts, Eric! What on earth have you done to yourself to end up in hospital so bandaged up? Don’t worry - we will be finding out all about it when your wife Helen comes to see you during ‘Visiting Hour’:

Eric after

Is everyone ready? Fiona is sincerely hoping so as she has an incredibly tight filming schedule to keep and she’s just about coping with all the characters she has to deal with, on the ward during ‘Visiting Hour’. Will she get the scoop she desires? Come and find out!

Fiona 01

Well, doesn’t Joan look fabulous, ready for Ladies Night at The Lodge! But first, she and her husband are just making a quick visit to the hospital to see Brenda during ‘Visiting Hour’

Joan 01

Visiting hour at the hospital begins 8pm Thursday and Friday and 2.30pm Saturday.

Building the set 01

Dear Pauline - we really hope she gets that cup of tea. She’s been through a lot! Hear her story during ‘Visiting Hour’ 

Pauline 01

 Nurse Bearpark checks the calibration of the ECG monitor against his watch in preparation for the forthcoming play:

Nurse Bearpark 01

Meet Dr Naomi Strelitz - ready for her big close-up!:

Naomi 01

Poor Helen! She’s worried about her husband who’s recovering in hospital after an accident and has brought him in some homemade treats to cheer him up during ‘Visiting Hour’. Come and see what she has brought!:

Helen 01

Last few rehearsals:

Last rehearsal 01

Last rehearsal 02

First visit to the Brentwood School Memorial Hall to check out the stage and any changes since we were last performing here in 2019!:

Theatre visit 01

Theatre visit 02