July 2021 - Over the last year, when lockdown rules have allowed, members of the Marlborough have been getting together to continue to build the set for The Ladykillers. Led by Kevin Wright, the progress has been immense - here are some photos to show what has been happening:

Photos by Juliette Bird

The model of the set for The Ladykillers, created by Kevin Wright


The barn is much brighter inside now, thanks to the new LED lighting - here Kevin is

tacking together a wall as Harry Morrison looks on

Mrs Wilberforce's front door - with the same number as appears in the Ealing

Comedy film version of the Ladykillers!

Here Harry demonstrates how the front door will work!

To traverse from downstairs to up on stage, will be represented by our oft-used set

of stairs

This item will play a pivotal role in the show... !

Reminiscent of 1950s London - a pseudo gas fired street lamp will create the right

atmosphere on stage

A train signal - as Mrs Wilberforce's house is situated right next to the railway - part

of a daring scene in the play

The Marlborough is famed for its accurate sets that reflect the time period of the

play - here an old-fashioned grill was sourced for The Ladykillers - don't forget, if you

can help with supplying us with vintage or unwanted items (pots of paint, rolls of

wallpaper etc.) we would be most grateful

Enjoying the sunshine in June 2021, but also hard at work set-building, Harry and

Kevin team-up