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Murder For The Asking


22nd February 2013


Marlborough Dramatic Club


The Brentwood School

Type of Production



Patricia Staley


Author: Tessa Davies

I do enjoy my visits to Marlborough productions, their plays are always interesting and the murder mysteries are my favourites.   This one was no exception, as the action unfolded I was constantly revising my opinion of who would be the culprit at the end.

The cast all played their parts well and their projection and diction were impeccable.  Although the actors conveyed emotion as the ploy unfolded, I did feel that there was a degree of coldness and detachment between the characters.  There was also a degree of hesitancy in the pace, requiring a few prompts; some of which I suspect where not actually necessary but given because there was a longish pause in the dialogue.   Having said that, the storyline was fascinating and gave plenty of opportunities to confuse the audience!

The scenery in Marlborough’s productions is always top class and this was no exception, I love looking at it and seeing the attention to detail in both the actual physical scenery and in the use of the props. It is this attention to detail that elevates the production.  Costumes were appropriate to the modern period; the lighting and sound were also right for the action.

Another good murder mystery, thank you Marlborough Dramatic Club.  Oh and no, I didn’t spot the culprit!   But then I never do!