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And Then There Were None


16th April 2016


Marlborough Dramatic Club


Memorial Hall, Brentwood School

Type of Production



Glenda Abbott


Author: Tessa Davies

This is such an iconic Agatha Christie story that, I suspect, most people do actually know who did it!    However, my companion challenged me to tell her the correct answer and, although I did get some of it right, the denouement that Director Glenda Abbott chose to use was new to me.

Having a (very) vague idea of the likely ending did not stop me from enjoying the performance.  The set was lovely with a truly outstanding backcloth and the costumes were of the right period, as they generally are with the renowned Marlborough attention to detail.

The cast all produced strong characterisations, even though some of them were killed off quite early in the production, leaving the main protagonists, Vera Claythorne, well played by Gemma Castle, Jake Portsmouth playing the devilish Philip Lombard, William Blore (James Biddles) and Judge Wargrave (Roy Hobson) to manage the denouement in the final act.

Andrew Alton-Read (Anthony Marston) was the first to die on stage, nicely done, and Jean Morgan (Mrs Rogers) was the first to die chronologically.  After that the deaths came thick and fast and, without a script or notes to refer to I would be hard pushed to give them in the right order!

Lovely performances from Harry Morrison (Rogers) Dennis Foster (General MacKenzie) Gill Bernie (Emily Brent) and Paul Bell (Doctor Armstrong).  James’ performance as the policeman, William Blore, and Roy’s performance as Judge Wargrave were particularly notable.

With tea and cake in the interval, we had a lovely afternoon’s entertainment.  Thank you to Marlborough Dramatic Club for your hospitality.